5x3s’s (or 12.7×7.62’s)

5×3″ / 127×76.2mm (delete as appropriate) prints I am making for a “print without press” (printSANSpress) project I am working on in collaboration with screen printer Marsh Shaw at Mission Grafica.

The idea is to make and document ways of printing without a huge (and expensive) press, especially techniques that educators can make with kids without too much preparation.

We hacked a credit card machine…
…and dye cutter to print these. Next is to try out using a pasta making machine.


2 thoughts on “5x3s’s (or 12.7×7.62’s)”

  1. Oh wow great idea to use an old credit card machine and dye cutter for printing! We’ve got both of those things lying around at Creativity. Be good to give it a try.

    1. yay! the credit card machine is a bit stiff -and you REALLY have to hack it. So I would recommend using the dye cutter -as you only have to unscrew some of the bedding, and and more bedding (we used paper -but I imagine you’d have some felt in Creativity?). I’d recommend it -it is pretty cool to have a mini press!

      I just need to get my hands on a pasta machine…hmmm mass email out needed me thinks…xx

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