Japaneese Stab Binding

Japanese stab binding is *amazing*. I love how the pattern flows from one direction to the other when you are stitching. I think it’d be really interesting and fun to work out your own pattern. My teacher made a row of “cat faces” binding, and this is a really nice blog for inspiration (by another Becca!).

I also think that experimenting some visual programming software like processing would make some cool patterns (I’m learning processing at the moment, so this could be a fun project to inspire and help with the learning process of processing!

In the past, I’ve only ever followed instructions from Kieth Smith’s book, which is a brilliant book, but very hard to follow -see the image below.

It seems that Kieth Smith is way ahead of his time (book originally published in 1990). He has placed all the steps of the instructions in one frame, I think he wishes there was a play button embedded into the page, and we could press it to see the tutorial in action.

Corners. Very fiddly, but very satisfying to make!

Somewhat higldy-pigldy notes.


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