St Anne’s Walk

I was involved with such a lovely community project at the beginning of the summer. St Anne’s Well is in Brislington Brook, Bristol.  You can find out a bit more about it here. The very brief story is that the well was part of a medieval pilgrimage, and Rowan Matthieson, Corina Bona, and a team of community members re-create the spirit of the pilgrimage by walking along the brook to the well, and hosting a medieval pageant on St Anne’s day every year. I worked with some of the community members to make paper boats of the pageant (St Anne is the patron saint of maritime, amongst other things). We made some rather fun medieval boats with some children to take with them on the walk. Whilst the kids were making the boats they created some amazing stories inspired by the ships -pineapple parties on islands made from pineapples, fish salt shakers, a ship full of duck pirates and many more adventures.

On the day I helped give out medieval costumes, and got clad in a rather special Jean d’Arc outfit myself. It. Was. Great! At the end of the walk we tied ribbons to the tree about St Annes Well, which is an ancient tradition in that place. Then we ate BBQ burgers and slurped on fizzy pop. It was magic.


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