Storybooth Installation

I have not posted for a while and this if for two reasons: 1. I have been terribly lazy *slaps wrist* and 2. I have been working on a very exciting live illustration project called Storybooth.

Storybooth poster?740

The idea for Storybooth has grown from the desire to create collaborative illustrations and collective stories. It will be an experimental installation, where illustrators draw from participants’ ideas, thoughts, dreams. Live. *live*. Our first outing (of many I hope) will be at The Parlour Showrooms between Saturday 18th and Tuesday 22nd May (in just over a week!!!). We will be making illustrations inspired by your dreams, and these drawings will be archived to a collective story “cloud”, then documented to form a story of their own in a beautiful book. It will be fun, and somewhat surreal. Please come and take part!

You can find more details on the project-microblog


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