The last dibujo

So it may only be my third, but yesterday was the last Dibujo Madrid for me (for now), because I return to UK on the weekend. This is sad because they are such a great group, and it is such a wonderful event. The theme this week was “DESPROGRAMADOS” which was the scene of a battle to save the common man from a post-digital-clockwerk-evil-ring-leader. Some peeps from the group suggested that we should start a Dibujo Bristol. This could be a good idea, except with an english accent it would be di-boo-joe bristol, which sounds funny!

I’ve really enjoyed the freedom in making marks with such a restrictive material as cut-up-bits-of-paper. I shall continue going to the traditional life drawing classes is Bristol, and be that annoying “wacky” person that sits at the back making a big old messy collage. And when I have time, I’ll think about taking Dibujo Madrid up on the suggestion to start a new group, because (despite popular belief) drawing from scenes with narrative is way more exciting than drawing someone in the tod.



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