Did I mention in the last post that dibujo is Spanish for drawing? Probably you knew that already, or you did a google search to find out, or you are like me and have a super-spanish-english-translator-app on your very clever telemaphone and you used voice recognition to have the translation instantly flash on your screen in front of your very eyes. (Gone are the days of trawling though the dictionary: errrr….does h come before or after g? argh, what’s the infinitive again?…oh blooiming heck, I’m looking in the wrong language bit…!).


Been down in Lavapies again. This time it was Dibujo Madrid. Sesión 142. Kick Da Mic – NUEVO DISCO: HIP HOP BATTLE. Which was pretty awesome. A hip-hop battle, with stops in between for drawing.

dibujo1 dibujo2


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