I planted myself in Madrid last week. What a lovely city. I shall be here for a brief visit. I am studying an intensive spanish course (4 hours a day plus tasks of the home as they put it here. Puf!). The classes are fab though, and I love my teacher. We are studying the subjunctive at the mo. So far we have had heated debates on gender equality, Chinese politics, and the Spanish economy. All in sub-junc-tivo. Boyakasha.

Originally I had also planed to take part in a short residency in a lovely studio called La Manual. However, this fell through, which is a shame. But just as well because a language is A LANGUAGE and takes up a lot of energy and time to learn. Madrid has a pretty awesome creative scene though. Artists have found new spaces and alternative ways of working since the crisis. Autonomous creative spaces are really big here. There are tons of legally “squatted” buildings which house studios, micro-theatres, and people making a living freelancing. The images below are from the barrio I’m living in, called Malasaña 

madrid3madrid1 madrid2 madrid4 madrid5 madrid6


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