Puppet Place membership

You too can get your talented mits onto one of these bad boys. An all new woodon-faced-ventriloquy-singing and shiny-big-yellow-bird-style-dancing Puppet Place membership card that is. There are LOADS of benefits (including 2 Free days in Puppet Place’s tooled workshop, discounted rates for short-term workshop hires, discounted fees for Puppet Place workshops/events, dedicated quarterly newsletter, link to your website from, priority booking for Bristol Festival of Puppetry) and it is only £10 a year. Bargain. And guess who made the OHP papercut extravaganza design? Yours truly of course!

More info about membership here


One thought on “Puppet Place membership”

  1. Reblogged this on Puppets and Pandemonium and commented:
    Want to be part of the Puppet elite? Check out this; Puppet Place membership cards for £10 per annum. If you are based in South West UK and are a puppeteer, artist, teacher, therapist, theatre director or intersted in puppetry in any shape or form, you should equip your wallet with one of these. It’ll widen your horizons. I’m going to purchase one next week. (Re blogged from Becca Rose)

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