I’m back from Indian adventures! and thought what could be a good way to catch-up with some wonderfully talented friends, whilst sharing some of the creative inspiration I gathered in India?  Why another craft night of course! This time it was with paper (you can see our previous craft night with gloves here). There were salads and soup a go go, some bloomin good books, loads of paper, and a group of creative folk.

As you can see from the pics, there were some brilliant and diverse creations made all round. I can’t wait to organise another night in April. And everyone was so enthusiastic about it, I may even have to organise a bigger space next time.

craft chris
Chris’s wonderful white paper city, you can just see the shadow of the little man waving hands frantically at the front…craft emma
Emma Powell’s paper-automater-buckin-armadillo.
craft food
Lots of yummy food!
craft georgie
Georgina made some “techno acid pop-ups”
craft hanna dave
Dave holding half of Hanna’s teeny-weeny-pop-up animal collection (there was also a rat)
craft rich
Richard with zigzag folding, and below, clearly over the moon with his woodland creation.
craft richard craft table
and there we all are (Sophie Swindells, Beck Prior and Corina Bona also made some lovely papery delights, but haven’t got any close up pics here).

And, if you’re interested in making some pop-up mechanisms yourself, then Duncan Birmingham is the man to copy. His book is very easy to use, clear, and well written, find out more on his website


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