Folk in Krakow

function of folk

I recently attended the International Illustration Research Symposium in Krakow. The symposium is in it’s third year and the focus this time was The Function of Folk (the first year was all about shadow plays, how did I miss that?!). Above is Lotte (who we met at the conference, she was talking about her work), she’s posing with the beautiful Function of Folk goody-bag! There were some fascinating and inspiring talks -lot’s of food for thought. I was particularly inspired by Lusie Vormittag, who creates participatory illustration. Luise runs a compnay called Container, and you can find more about her work here.

The conference was held in the Ethnographic museum, in the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, where there was an exhibition by the speakers, and a lovely shadow play from P*A*st (Amelia Johnsone and Peter Hathaway). I completly fell in love with Krakow.

function of folkfunction of folkethnographic museum krakow function of folk ethnographic museum krakow ethnographic museum krakowKrakow Krakowkrakow


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