Life drawing

This is the first time I’ve been to a life drawing class since (*checks past blog posts) January! wow. I wondered why I was so rusty. It was really great though. I love intensely focusing on drawing, and REALLY having to LOOK!


3 thoughts on “Life drawing”

  1. Hi Becca, they’s looking great to me honey!
    I’d really like to try life drawing, I was once inspired by a film called La Belle Noiseuse, which has these amazing real-time life drawing sequences in it in which you can see the artist character getting really frustrated and screwing up his sketches (ink and wash) but eventually he finds his rhythm and they look elegant. There’s something amazing about the skill of being able to draw animate objects, which can be captured in a sketch as long as they keep still for long enough and I think it is about time I overcame my fear, of Life Drawing don’t you? If you have an old VHS i’ll lend you my copy of LBN if you like?

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