Things beginning with W

A few weeks ago I was asked by illustrator Ben Goodman to help paint the entrance to the Wardrobe Theatre. The idea was to “live-paint” decoration for the “what’s on” space at the theatre, as well as advertise the Wardrobe’s website at their end-of-season-party. As all these things begin with w (wardrobe, what’s on, website). We decided to paint things beginning with w. The party was filled with theatrical delights such as puppetry walkabout, live poetry readings, and an improvised soap opera. It was a fun-time-had-by-all. By the end of the night I had “ws” spinning around my pea of a brain, and to my fwiends I could owny utter stweams of words beginning with w. There were many “ws”

The Wardrobe is a fantastic gem of a theatre. It is a volunteer run theatre-above-a-pub in Kingdown, Bristol. Many of the shows programmed are experimental, improvised and just utterly brilliant. Can’t wait for next season to begin!

Here are a few photos from the day with talented illustrators Laurie Stansfield and Joe Roberts (I was proud to be on the team! Go team W!)

[update] and now in use. don’t it look fab.


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