Courageous Sketching

Some sketches I made last week. The drawing of Charlie Kaufman was whilst watching his very inspiring talk at BFI where he encourages non-conformity in the arts.

Last week I left the school where I had been working as Artist in Residence for over a year. This week I start working as a freelance professional artist (yipee!). I am sad to leave the school. I have wonderful memories of my time there; I worked on some really great collaborative projects, it was challenging, and I had a great working relationship with the kids. But it is defiantly time to move forward, grow, and make a difference in other places.

SO wha-gwan-on-wi-choo-now I hear you ask? Well, the next few months are busy. I am working on my own creative projects, as well as selling shadow puppets in the run-up for Christmas, and I’ll be working in schools, and also on commissioned work.

This December I will travel to Southern India to work with the shadow puppetry master Ramachadra Pulavar. I will be learing about the roots of shadow puppetry (how to make, perform and stage a show), and work with him on a shadow puppetry performance. I am SO SO SO excited about this, and at the moment I am applying for funding so that I can also do some research on puppetry in the Kerala region.

Amongst all these new and exciting things I will try my best to listen to Mr Kaufman’s advice -not to conform, make work that is honest, and be courageous. This may be a challenge, but very rewarding.

I think I’d like to just make a small aside about how much I love the word courageous. It is a word I have been using frequently in the past couple of months (especially since I learned it’s etymology). The word comes from the Latin “cor”. To be courageous is to do something from the heart. Beautiful. And it is not an easy thing to do something from the heart, which is why the word is a synonym for brave, valiant, confident, fearless etc etc. It is not easy to make a living out of the arts (or something you really love) but it is fun, and a hell of a lot more fun when you listen to that large valve that circulates creative juices around your body. Courageous. Courage. Cor. Blimey. *aside over*

OK, so lots of information in such a short post -and I have to run-off now and make a giant cardboard chicken! I’ll keep posting news of projects, collaborations, ideas and thoughts on this blog so do keep popping back.


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