Here’s some pics of the process:

So this is the beginning of something quite interesting (I hope) that utilises both innovative and traditional techniques.

The next step is to experiment with moving images -a kind of paper automata. I will stat exploring this over the summer, however I also have a few other (mostly paid) projects on the burner, so it may be a slow progress.

I am very excited about this one!

A big thanks (once again) to my great friends at RustySquid for helping me instal the circuits. You guys rock!…oh and here is a cheeky pic of me in my soldering goggles. that’s hot look!


5 thoughts on “Shadow-puppetry-in-a-cupboard”

  1. Hi Becca, Thanks for sharing this. I missed your Cube show and now I see I also missed this piece, even though it was showing just down the road too. So much to see these last two weeks. The biennial has been a success and I shall look forward to seeing more of your ‘performative’ & creative output soon – looks like you’re having lots of fun!

  2. I really love this and think I may do some of it myself! I wonder, why did you need to utilize circuitry as such? Couldn’t simple individual bulb fixtures (like what you would find at a hobby store with little candle esq lighting be put into each space and then those cords all plugged into a single internally housed power strip, running that strip out as a single plug? Or would that be considered sort of low brow I guess? I ask because I know very little about circuitry but am handy with wiring and solder, paradoxically.

    1. I used the circuits because of the intensity of a 1-3w LED (other lights would be washed out in daylight). That way it does not need to be in a dark space to see the shadow.

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