Bristol Biennial

I exhibited a mini-shadow-puppet-show at Hamilton House last week -part of the Bristol Biennial.

This piece is a work-in-progress. I am exploring ways of making illustration interactive and performative. (i.e. involving the “reader” to make/change/be part of the visual storytelling). This could be via live animation, like a 3d-pop-up book, or a theatre piece in a box. I’d like to explore posibilites in paper and wood -so that the piece has a “book” quality to it, and create something very tactile.


It all started at the RustySquid workshop earlier this year. I was thoroughly inspired by how powerful, yet accessible robotics can be. It opened up a world of possibilites -I have always been interested in making work that is interactive. However, by making a robot you can take the “me” out of the equation, and it all starts to get a little bit more interesting. (shadow-paper-puppet-robots? errr…yes please!)



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