Cover of Nature Chemistry

I illustrated a paper for the science journal ‘Nature Chemistry’ (part of the Nature Publishing Group)….AND….they must have really liked it because they used it for the front cover! You don’t need to rush out and by a copy yet, as the journal wont be in shops until November. I’ll let you know when they are published FOR REAL!

The article is about energy transfer in solutions. I tried to capture this with a sense of movement in the illustration.

The paper must have been very well written for the Nature people to use it for the cover, so good job David Glowacki for writing such beautiful equations!

Read the on-line article here.


6 thoughts on “Cover of Nature Chemistry”

  1. We really did like it quite a bit. It’s one of our favourite covers. We love having original artwork on the cover whenever we can.

    Stuart (Chief Ed., Nature Chem.)

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