Recent drawings with my favorite pen

For about 3 years I’ve doodled, scribbled and dribbled with just one pen: the Stabilo point 88 fine 0.4 black lid. It’s been an exciting drawing journey, and led me to arrive at the droopy-eyed-simple-liney-scribbly thing I have going right now.

I found a shop in Toulouse selling the exact same pen as cheap as chips. So I bought 3, and have been scribbling away. Below are some drawings I’ve made in the past week or so.

I’ve been inspired by some of the circus performers I’m living with in La Virgule (a very organised circus community -so organised they have their own myspace: lavirguletoulouse). So, I also have some new ideas for a circus themed story -Tomaso, and his balancing tomato tricks….


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