Fist of a bum called god

An illustration idea for the book ‘A fist of a bum called god’ by David Glowacki. We are currently sketching illustrations for the book which will be finished later this year.

The author says:

The Fist of a Bum Called god follows an erratic and haphazard journey to find a schizophrenic vagabond with an unsavory reputation for bruising the faces and bloodying the noses of the bored and charitable few that bother to look him in the eyes. He calls himself god.

What kind of stuff is it?  It’s rapid fire, stream of conscience, lotta insight, lotta nonsense.  It’s got as many layers as you can be bothered to peel away, and has been described as: ‘a more erudite Bukowski’, ‘Hunter S. Thompson meets Stephen Hawking and Michel Foucault’, or ‘Borges colllides with Kafka on speed’.


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