Gotta hand it to you

I am applying for some bits and bobs for next year (my current position ends in December -more about that soon). Anyway, I found this.

A print I made in MARCH 2013. I made it when I got back from an India trip as a thank you card for the people I stayed with.

My self-critic at that time had decided it wasn’t a very good print and buried it away in a draw somewhere. I have no idea where the original is now, but here is a digital copy. And here is an ode to the hand, and the wonderful things it makes.

BeccaRose Font!

OMG. I made a font. Yes it is my hand writing ON YOUR SCREEN! who would have thunk it? From paper to digital screen and (if you print it out) back to paper again. I did have loads of cool names for my font (not just my name) but, because the making process is a bit fiddly, by the time I got the font how I wanted it I had used up all the cool names! I used a program called Paint Font, and made numerous wonky efforts before I got to this one.

If you like it you can download it here. It works best at at least 22pt. I am making a paper cut font also, so watch this space.

Here are some of the less successful versions I made (notice how they are wonky or came out a bit close together or just wired)

I would strongly encourage you to try making your own font -it is a lot of fun to use and you can share it with your friends!

New Sketchbook

Yes oh yes it’s that time again. New sketchbook time. For my first marks in the book I made a drawing of he world we live on and a giant hand holding a light. I was listening to Eureka when I drawed it.

I also added added a handy 3V coin cell to the back of the sketchbook -that way if I want to try out a new circuit or mock up an idea I can do with style!

For this particular drawing I was testing out the shinning light that the giant hand is holding.


The organization skills of my current coworker, Jessica Shipp from Lighthouse School, are an inspiration. She is a daemon with storage boxes and a bit of coloured duck tape, and has made finding materials in the Creativity Lab a joy.

Materials at the Lighthouse Creativity Lab

This weekend I was inspired to organize my very own mini-makerspace (more like shelf). I used small take-away tubs in place of the big storage boxes, and they are perfect for putting all my bits in the right place.

My very modest storage system.