Coyote Peep Show

Oh look. I made a peep show.

It is a coyote peep show where shadows of wolves howl at shadows of wolves with boobs.

peep through the eye of the eye

This is another prototype for my final project for the bookbinding class I am taking. And I am terribly excited, because from this I have a very good idea about what my final design will be like!

and here is the circuit I used. Above is the front and below is the back.

I did a bit of a bodge on the spacing, so decided to take the circuit on a little trip around the back, so that I had the opportunity to space it out a bit more (note to future self: finger spaced tracks).

and then above is my slider switch with a card spacer.

e x t r e m e   c l o s e u p !

and a blog post would not be complete without a good old naughties style -gif- which illustrated how you can effect the show. yay for slider switches and parallel circuits and gifs.

Shadowy tunnel(ish)

After tinkering with *f l a t* images I realize I am actually barking up the wrong tree, or at least, the wrong side of the tree. My aim is to create a hand-held animated shadow puppet theatre, and this needs to have depth as well as interaction. So, here is my next iteration in the shadow book process, this time with depth (still working on the interaction: next step is to experiment with form and animation!).

To get a better sense of depth, I made a tunnel book and embedded tiny LEDs in a copper tape circuit inside; the illustration detail is reveled as shadows when the circuit is closed. You can just see Dave’s hand in top right corner, this is where the switch is to light the lovely beast.

light – no light – light – no light – light – no light – light – no light – light – no light – light – no light

Snapshot of the circuit -lots of fine soldering (those surface mount LEDs are somewhat fiddly!). I want to explore ways of forming the copper tape, as this can be really beautiful as well as the shadow.

Close-up and top-view of the layers

Illustrations are based on some drawings from my sketchbook.

Shadowy pages

I’m still barking up the shadowy-animated-book tree. Here are some recent experiments, which I am developing when I get the chance. The idea is to create a handheld animated shadow puppet theatre. I’d been experimenting with pop-up mechanisms, and recently tried this animation technique.

Blow is a gif of the animated page in action. Sorry about the terrible quality of this gif -I wanted to get the hands and birds in so had to compromise a little bit.

This would be a page in the book -where you animate the lights through touching the paper.

Here is what it looks like on the back. The circuit is a very simple parallel, but the ground folds over and connects only when a certain amount of pressure is applied. I got this idea from one ofJie Qi’s worksheets.

you see–> pressure applied to the fold = blue!

This was my first attempt (sans le birds). I love how responsive it is -with no microcontrolling!

Speaking of microcontrolling: Recently I started working with a new, and very talented friend, Natalie Freed -who is also really into paper circuits. She has given me loads of tips (i.e. using a third of copper tape, and surface mount LEDs), and she is teaching a class on programming ATTiny microcontrollers next week, which I shall be joining. Have a look at her work on interactive journals, it’s a really lovely project!

More stamps!

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with carving and printing erasers. I may have to stamp this habit out!

Not much space for letter writing. oops!

And I finally got round to making US business cards -I’d left some of the screen printed sheets from the batch I made in December 2012 blank, in case my details changed. So I just re-stamped my US details, and added a different pattern on the back of each card. (a fun thing to do whilst on hold with my phone company!). Normally I ask people to choose the colour they like, now they can choose a colour and a stamped pattern. Yippee. I’d better get meeting new folk!


Wowzers! How have I never made a stamp before?

I’ve made a stack of book cover paper with handcarved stamps. It was so much fun to do, and so easy! I used a shop bought carving block, but I learned today that you can use regular cheap erasers (*starts to gnaw old eraser found in bottom of pencil case!). I’ll let you know how the eraser-stamps goes.