Paper Switches

Series of paper switches I designed for the second part of the e-luminated paper circuits workshop at SFCB. I used the Silhouette to pre-cut paper samples that students could use in the workshop to learn about some of the possibilities.sampleThe sampler as constructed by one of the class participants
spinSwitchSpin switch
tabSwitchTab switch
push_switchPush Switch
sliderswitchSlider switchswitch circuit7
Diagram of the circuit.

Bananas of the World Unite

The Banana sticker give away has now been declared officially over. Participation was fruitful, and prizes have been shipped smoothie. Congrapeulations to the prize winners!


Sophie, queen of vegetable puns, was quick off the mark with her enthusiasm:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.14.38 AM
Natalie points out the truth of the matter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.14.26 AM

But my all time favorite has to go to my pops, a rare twitter appearance from him, but spectacular punformance!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.14.50 AM

Stickers also send out to Cori, Ben, and Grant.

Banana Sticker Give Away!


I’ve been clearing out my hoards of decorative paper today and stumbled across these BANANA STICKERS! I made them a while ago, and not only are they bananas, but they also fit perfectly on your laptop to light up the magical bananas when you are at working hard at very serious things.

One of these banana stickers can be YOURS (yes you) because I am doing *a giant banana sticker give away*. To win simply RT and reply to this tweet with a fruit related pun (or joke…keep it clean people). I will send the best tweets a sticker -yes sent in the post by snail mail to anywhere in the wold. Offer ends on TUESDAY 7th July, so get fruity people, quick!


New Space

Earlier this year I found a new creative space in San Francisco. Yosemite Place has been a home to artist is San Francisco for years, it used to be a live-in artist space until a few years ago, and is not one of the few affordable creative building left in the city. I work in a maker lab, and as well as our workspaces we share a and a kitchen / living area and workshop.

Interactive Accessories

A few weeks ago I worked on a project with NuVu, a design school in Boston that is geared around multidisciplinary and collaborative projects. I was working with students in the “Interactive Fashion Studio”at ASB Mumbai, NuVu’s partner school in India.
We started the week questioning what interactive means, and looking at how fashion can impact on our daily lives. We looked at a few examples including the massage vest by Kobakant, the spider dress by Anouk Wipprecht, and this wonderful musical rain (we were curious how this would sound in the monsoons?!).

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 15.14.04 PM

Students then went on to discuss and brainstorm issues they have in their daily lives. They made some really beautiful storyboards, I didn’t manage to get any pictures of them, but they were a big part of the design process. When sharing their project ideas with the class, most of the groups acted out scenes using the storyboards as scripts. They also learned programming using the Lilypad Arduino, and electronics with e-textiles. It was such a fun week and students made some really inspiring projects.

Learning the basics of LilypadAAB_0373
Getting stuck into Arduino and making sunshine-y clocks on tops  2
Lie detector project: a device that lights up when siblings sibling lie to your parents.
Computational 1Z: a visual aid for new borns to start learning gestural responses to their needs.
Clock on your top -helping you (and everyone around you) be on time!DSC00492
The light hat -a way of reading without disturbing your family (really happy that the students are into reading real books :) )7DSC00500
Probably the sweetest project -a friendship bracelet that lights up a memory of your friend. This was especially moving in an international school where students are so transient.
The amazing NuVu team -the other NuVu studios were so so cool, and students made really interesting work including games, futuristic fashion, interactive street art, documentaries, music, robots, and comics.
And this was what my desk looked like the day before I left SF. Pom pom a go go.

Book Club of California

This week I had the pleasure to present some of my books at a public talk for the Book Club of California. The club, which has been in San Francisco for about 100 years, is on the 5th floor of a commercial building a stone’s throw away from Chinatown. Walking into the space is kind of like going back in time. There were columns painted gold, a roman block print frieze ran above the picture rail, and various glass cases filled with special edition books framed the room. (of course!). It was a very nice place to be indeed. I talked about shadow books: about the process, materials, and about screens and the death of the book.

Oh look that’s me at the front! My book wonderful arts instructor, Grendl Lofkst, took this picture from the back -it was quite the bibliophilic crowd.
Some of my books -I always feel a bit strange about displaying my work like this, as it is intended to be played with, or as part of a workshop. After the talk I encouraged people to handle them.
This woman got really into handling the book!
This was the sample circuit that the woman in the picture above was playing with -and it is really addictive to play. Must make this into a book soon!
The other speakers -it was a fun evening and great to meet other folks making books!